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But What Do Your Customers Want?

What do your customers want? Over the past 15 years I’ve heard business owners give every excuse for why they don’t give customers what the customers want. “But I don’t want to sell the digital images.” “But SEO is more important than PPC.” “But our competitors don’t do it that …

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Fear the Full Stack

Specialize Or Die? Universities have spent centuries teaching students how to excel in one field  – accounting, law, marketing, medicine and others. Then we were taught to specialize further – copyright law, property, family law.  Public relations, email marketing, SEO.  Neurology, physiotherapy & pediatrics. In the digital marketing world it …

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Zag Hard.

Call it your Blue Ocean Strategy. Call it a “Niche Domination Blueprint.”  (No link, sorry Warriors.) Whatever you call it, when your competitors all zig, do … pretty much anything else. Here’s one sure way to know your idea is a loser:  You Googled the phrase “clone script” after downloading …

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