Saturday , November 28 2015 1:19 am
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Selling Cheap SEO Services

free seo

I get it. Your latest lead emailed you back and yet again you lost the contract to someone cheaper and offering more. You ran the numbers. Again. You can’t figure out how they’re doing it and it’s frustrating. You can’t seem to make a profit but your competitor keeps plugging …

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The Mega WordPress Cheat Sheet

wordpress cheat sheet 2015

Want to speed up your blogging and website management? Below is a mega WordPress cheat sheet we are using with permission from MakeaWebsiteHub. Our Favourite & Most Used WordPress Cheat Sheet Shortcuts & Tips? Shift+X to check all boxes Ctrl+K to edit or insert a link. Alt+Shift+C to center text …

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10 Step Lightning Fast SEO Checkups


Disclaimer: This lightning fast SEO checking template will *not* solve every SEO problem you may have. It wasn’t designed that way. It’s designed to solve many common SEO issues in the fastest way possible. It is not a full SEO audit. Whether you own your own small business website or …

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SEO: Rank Indexing & Topic Modelling


The easiest way to optimize your SEO campaign is also the most flawed: individual keyword rankings. Why are keyword rankings fundamentally flawed? In the ‘good ole days’ of SEO, rankings were the same if you were logged in while in NYC or incognito in London. It seems hard to even …

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Matt Antonino is a digital marketing consultant and freelance business strategy consultant in Melbourne, Australia. Matt offers setup, implementation and maintenance of multichannel digital marketing campaigns including a range of SEO, SEM / PPC, content marketing & outreach, email marketing automation and social media marketing. My main focus is in helping you market smarter and faster to more potential customers.