Saturday , April 21 2018 1:38 pm
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I’m Going Client-Side

I’m Going Client-Side Well, it’s over. Agency life is officially finished for me. I’m onto other challenges. After growing from an SEO specialist to the senior specialist, up to becoming the Head of Digital (Products) for a large agency, and after 3 years of blood, sweat and way too many …

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How Long Does It Take You to Blog?

outlining & planning blog posts

Inspired by a post on Inbound and the follow up about processes, I wanted to ask you this question: How long does it take you to blog? Does that feel like the right question? I tried to answer it and felt like maybe it wasn’t. Writing Time – Does It Matter? Business …

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Selling Cheap SEO Services

I get it. Your latest lead emailed you back and yet again you lost the contract to someone cheaper and offering more. You ran the numbers. Again. You can’t figure out how they’re doing it and it’s frustrating. You can’t seem to make a profit but your competitor keeps plugging …

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Matt Antonino is a digital marketing consultant and freelance business strategy consultant in Melbourne, Australia. Matt offers setup, implementation and maintenance of multichannel digital marketing campaigns including a range of SEO, SEM / PPC, content marketing & outreach, email marketing automation and social media marketing. My main focus is in helping you market smarter and faster to more potential customers.