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Hi there! I’m glad you are visiting my marketing blog.


My name is Matt (that’s sort of me on the right) and I’m completely obsessed with marketing and education. My mission in life is to help you market your business smarter while working faster to reach more potential this is practically mecustomers. Once I start talking about marketing it’s hard to get me to stop! I have worked with some of the biggest businesses in the world and worked for one of the largest digital agencies in the world.

For those of you who own your own business, I’ve been there. It’s been my money that was spent on terrible, un-optimised Adwords campaigns. It was my money that went into poor tradeshow setup. It was my time & money spent on hours and hours of SEO. I understand very clearly that every dollar matters to your startup. I’ve had $10 in my pocket, nothing in the bank and bills due.

For those of you working in an agency, I understand your pain points. You want to do an exceptional job and take advantage of the amazing opportunities around you. You want to be the superstar performer who brings the whole team to a new level. And you want to lead those around you to do better, smarter, faster and more efficient work. You aren’t spending your money but every day challenges you to meet KPIs and create exceptional results.

Marketing Faster

I will teach you how to market faster by improving your productivity, automation, processes and even the team around you.

My experiences as a small business owner and senior marketing manager in a large agency give me two unique perspectives on getting work done when it is vital that you are efficient. I use a gaming mouse (see below), know almost every shortcut in every program I use and have a number of tricks to make the work fly by.

Speed is a state of mind – if you want to go faster, I can show you the way.

Gaming mouse for business and marketing purposes. Increase efficiency and productivity.

Marketing Smarter

Marketing faster will only help you if you also market intelligently. On this website you will get automation tutorials, data analysis and tool upon tool that helps you build a smarter digital strategy.

Traditional wisdom implores you to “fail fast” so you can learn from those mistakes. That’s a mistake. We don’t need to make every mistake to understand it. We build modern computers on the back of the ones built before. We are better as a whole today because of those who made mistakes before us. Use my experience & knowledge. Use my mistakes and what I’ve learned to avoid making those mistakes.

Creating a successful and revenue-generating digital marketing strategy is challenging but together we’ll grow your business.

Reaching More CustomersMGR_MultchannelMarketing_Infographic2

My previous role as Head of Product enabled me to work cross-channel with SEO, email marketing, content, SEM and social media marketing. Owning three of my own successful businesses gives an entirely different perspective on multichannel marketing.

Multichannel (and omnichannel) marketing are the future. It’s great to be on page 1 in Google but it won’t be enough, if it even is now. I’ll share my experience with SEO, content & email marketing, SEM & paid social ads, social media and direct marketing. I have built strong networks and made 100% of my living off SEO before. Click the image to enlarge and see more of what we’re talking about.

Getting website traffic isn’t enough if your conversion rates from visitor to customer are not high enough so we will also touch on landing pages,
conversion rate optimisation and guest blogging.



So let’s get marketing! I’m excited to help you and learn from your own challenges and experiences.


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