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I’m Going Client-Side

I’m Going Client-Side Well, it’s over. Agency life is officially finished for me. I’m onto other challenges. After growing from an SEO specialist to the senior specialist, up to becoming the Head of Digital (Products) for a large agency, and after 3 years of blood, sweat and way too many …

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Marketing Misinformation: Solving the Fact Gap

You can’t actively solve a problem until you understand it.  So we need to understand where the spread of digital marketing information has gone wrong before we start solving the problems. Mis-information (Accidentally / On Purpose) Most marketing bloggers have good intentions.  They don’t start their day with the intention …

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But What Do Your Customers Want?

What do your customers want? Over the past 15 years I’ve heard business owners give every excuse for why they don’t give customers what the customers want. “But I don’t want to sell the digital images.” “But SEO is more important than PPC.” “But our competitors don’t do it that …

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Subatomic Business Strategy & Finding Fermions

In 460 BC. the Greek philosopher Democritus developed the idea of atoms.  It took over 2000 years before John Dalton published a paper on atoms, naming them the smallest particle, indivisible.  Almost 100 years later, physicist J.J. Thomson discovered the electron, proton & neutron, proving that atoms were divisible.  In 1958, …

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