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Selling Cheap SEO Services

free seo

I get it. Your latest lead emailed you back and yet again you lost the contract to someone cheaper and offering more. You ran the numbers. Again. You can’t figure out how they’re doing it and it’s frustrating. You can’t seem to make a profit but your competitor keeps plugging …

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10 Step Lightning Fast SEO Checkups


Disclaimer: This lightning fast SEO checking template will *not* solve every SEO problem you may have. It wasn’t designed that way. It’s designed to solve many common SEO issues in the fastest way possible. It is not a full SEO audit. Whether you own your own small business website or …

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SEO: Rank Indexing & Topic Modelling


The easiest way to optimize your SEO campaign is also the most flawed: individual keyword rankings. Why are keyword rankings fundamentally flawed? In the ‘good ole days’ of SEO, rankings were the same if you were logged in while in NYC or incognito in London. It seems hard to even …

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Google Competitor Analysis


Why Analyse the Competition? Let’s start with the obvious – you should focus more on your own content, site, products and services than you should on your competitors.  Make them chase you, don’t chase them.  However, it can also be incredibly useful to analyze your competition and reverse engineer their …

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Who Are You Optimizing For?

Dart on Target and  People

 Who Are Your Ideal SEO Target Audience? Something many, if not most, businesses forget on a regular basis is to focus on the customer. Your target audience is out there searching for what you have to offer. How are they searching? What language are they searching in? What should you remember …

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Canada Citations List for Business


Earlier this morning, an Moz user posted a question about local citations for Canadian SEOs.  After moving to Australia a year ago, I know all about the US-UK-centric nature of citation sources.  Lots of great SEO citations work for Canada but not all.  How can you sort all of these? …

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Keyword Stemming: Past, Present & Future


 Keyword Stemming in the Past Traditional keyword stemming in SEO means using prefixes, suffixes and (ooh, fancy) adding the letter S.  car, cars.  Legendary research went into that. No, seriously. Wiki says Google search adopted word stemming in 2003. Previously a search for “fish” would not have returned “fishing”. Other software search …

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Slugs, Permalinks & Page Titles


When you write a post in WordPress (and other blogging platforms) the software generates a link based on the title of your post.   The part of your link after the “template” is called the “page slug.”  Templates? Slugs? What? A permalink structure is essentially a template, or a set …

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