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Setting Goals 3: Broke, Fat, Lazy & Stupid

Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy, or stupid. Those things are what happen when you don’t have a plan. – Larry Winget

By now you should have read the first and second parts of this goal setting series. As a reminder:

Today we are going to finish off with “What happens when you don’t have a plan?”

planning to fail, failing to plan

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

I could’ve easily used this quote as the introduction to today’s post. We are now entering the second week of January and if you don’t have your goals written, deadlines attached and the motivation to get the year started what is it going to take?

When I was younger there was an anti-drug commercial I remember. It showed kids running, studying, all the good things as they recited their dreams. “I want to be a track star when I grow up!” “I want to be a ballerina.”

The key line in the commercial was a voiceover by an adult saying “nobody ever says I want to be a junkie when I grow up.

What do you think your end result will be if you don’t plan? Can you name one famous athlete who never ran late laps or practiced after their teammates left the gym? They’re famous for hard work and having a goal.

Broke, Fat, Lazy, Stupid

The reality of achievement and success is simple: 1) set a goal, 2) make plans that result in you achieving that goal, 3) get to work on those plans.

Everything worth achieving in life has those essential parts to it. Sure, luck is sometimes involved in life. Sure, coincidence or accident changes some people’s lives. If you do manage to “win the Powerball” and plan to retire to a beach then you can probably ignore a good deal of my advice.

fat & lazy

Otherwise, the opposite of broke is rich. The opposite of fat & lazy is fit & active. The opposite of stupid is smart, or in the case of reading this blog for information, the opposite is “educated.”

If you want to be rich, fit, healthy, active, smart, educated, intelligent, successful, and inspired then you need to do the opposite of what people do who are broke, fat, lazy & stupid.

Do they 1) set goals? Not often. Many people who are broke just complain and figure out ways to make other people give them things in life.

Do they 2) make plans that result in achieving those goals? No, of course not. They’re playing Xbox or smoking weed.

Do they 3) get to work? Of course not. They don’t want to grind because the grind isn’t easy, it’s not lazy.

Final Thoughts

After this post, we’re going to be done with goal-setting for a little while. Once you set goals you don’t need to revisit and change them up. Create your plan to get there and get to work.

If you want more than you’ve ever had you are going to need to do more than you’ve ever done. You won’t get it by being lazy. You won’t get it by being passive. You definitely won’t get it by staying under-educated.

2016 still has all the potential in the world to be the best year you’ve ever had. Subscribe below so you don’t miss any of our future posts because for now, I want you to leave. I want you to either finish writing your goals and creating plans or I want you to get to work. Subscribe & grind, people!


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